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After using Superbox S1 pro or superbox s1 plus Never Pay Another Cable Bill Again

After using Superbox S1 pro or superbox s1 plus Never Pay Another Cable Bill Again

After using Superbox S1 pro or superbox s1 plus Never Pay Another Cable Bill Again. Superbox s1 pro and superbox s1 plus now on sale at

You’ll be pleased to know that the SuperBox S1 (and the SuperBox S1 Pro) both give you instant access to IPTV services in a sleek, compact, and beautiful piece of hardware that hooks right up to your TV and your internet connection to stream live television – and so much more – straight out of the box.

IPTV services are available for next to nothing (just a few dollars a month) and provide access to thousands and thousands of television channels, including the channels you would have gotten with a standard cable and satellite service, from all around the world.

On top of that, many of the most popular IPTV services also provide video-on-demand libraries for hundreds of thousands of TV shows and movies, instant (and free) access to pay-per-view content – including big fights and sporting events – as well as the ability to watch TV without any geographic limitations.

This is huge for people that want to watch local news while they travel as well as folks that want to enjoy their favorite teams live without having to spend a mountain of money on exclusive and expensive streaming packages.

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Cost $299-$399 to get Superbox TVBOX Reasonable or Not?

Cost $299-$399 to get Superbox TVBOX Reasonable or Not?

It's human nature to find a cheaper option

A month in which expenses are reduced and surplus money is distributed to others

Important things. If they don't have this, they're not in trouble

There is a lot of money to spend, but do they really save money or just make money

They spend more? Super box S1 Pro Performance

As we all know, superbox S1 Pro is an IPTV Set-top box made by

A lot of it is because of the performance it provides. You will overcome

Thousands of ordinary and high-quality channels are available in real time to watch TV programs and

Movies, install apps, make your TV smarter

More than before. Compared to cable subscriptions

Pay endless bills, no need to provide movies or TV series, superbox S1

Major is a better choice. Fluency. set up The process is really simple. Its bandwidth Your Internet connection.

Superbox S1 Pro availability Super set top box S1 Pro IPTV set top box can be installed anytime, anywhere, as long as

You have a network connection. You will be able to install

The equipment is simple and everyone in the family can enjoy it because it is very simple

Navigation. Unlike other cable subscriptions, you don't need anyone

If your home cable is not available or If they cut off your service connection because you didn't pay on time.

With superbox S1 pro, you only need to contact your IPTV Service Provider, they will fix it immediately, without having to appear in

Your house. This is an advantage of superbox S1 Pro Pay only once, so that your service is not cut and its price is balanced

More reasonable.

Super box S1 professional and practical.Superbox S1 Pro may be more expensive than other products, but this is

Because their software needs maintenance. This IPTV box is known Self renewal to deal with us

The world. Even if they don't ask for updates, they have a responsibility to do so Provide consistency so customers can experience

S1 Pro provides the best performance in your life Partnerships. After experiencing the functions provided by superbox, you will find that

It seems more reasonable to pay $299 than cable TV Cheaper but less effective subscriptions Service fee, transfer fee, etc.

So is the price of superbox S1 Pro reasonable?

The price of superbox S1 Pro may be expensive for some people, but it's really expensive

worthy. You can pay $299 at a time Enjoy up to 99.99% IPTV service satisfaction without buffering or

Frozen, 24 / 7 customer service if you meet Question. They won't ignore you because they bought the product

The super box will make sure you get what you deserve. They will And make sure they're committed to a lifelong partnership

It happened. There are a lot of things you'll like because of what super box S1 Pro can be delivered. Try it now!

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IPTV BOX USA: Considerations To Ponder On

IPTV BOX USA: Considerations To Ponder On

In the present world, people are paying attention to even small details especially when it concerns the things that costs money — Entertainment is one. At first, they will be conforming on what everyone else is choosing or even rely to paid advertisements to find the best deals. Then, they’ll be curious to find less expensive options or even the features they are looking for in the internet, searching for reviews.

IPTV box USA is just one of the numerous additional choices that offer individuals another technique for TV viewing. Although, some people is not that familiar with this option, people are continuously gets curious and purchase one after some time.


Although most IPTV boxes available in the market are relatively the same, there are several differences that is worth noting. Here are some of the criteria you can rely on if you wish to switch on IPTV box:


Price isn’t the main factor to consider, yet it is a critical area to be aware of. The cost of an IPTV box USA ought to be in line with its worth.

Is it expensive but fulfilled the promises it made? Is it reasonable at first but then has hidden charges? Would I be able to save up because of this device?

2. Unique Features

Most IPTV box USA in the market is Video on Demand. You’ll get access to your favorite shows, programs, series etc. anytime that you wished to in any place you love.

Does it offers 4k or even 6k HD Resolution? Does it have pre-installed applications that will lessen the work you have to do like BlueVoD and BlueTV?

3. Feasibility

It is such a hassle if an IPTV box USA you have purchased isn’t user-friendly. You have to go on searches again and be tech-savvy for you to enjoy the best of this device. You should consider feasibility in terms of the ff:

Can everyone in the family be able to use it? Does it have a Simple User Interface?

4. Durability

When you purchase something, you’ll take into account if the money you have spend will last for a lifetime. Is it also important that it doesn’t go out of style.

Our world is constantly changing and everything has a better version of something, will this device be able to cope up? How can i maintain it, should i contact my service provider every time i wish to upgrade?

5. Warranty and After Sales Services

After the purchase of the IPTV BOX USA, it is important that your service provider didn’t cut ties between his/her customer.

What if problems arose? Can I call someone to ask for help and fix ths problem? The box isn’t working several days after the purchase, can i get it back?

IPTV BOX USA are turning out to be increasingly famous having progressively bigger lists of content to offer. It doesn’t take a lot to acknowledge why such a large number of individuals are switching over or are in any event considering switching. Make sure that you’ll assess the questions mentioned above for future references. Never settle for less of what you deserve.

IPTV: reduce TCO -

IPTV: reduce TCO -

In the past four years, IPTV technology has experienced tremendous development. This technology has evolved from the original concept to the edge of commercial deployment. There are several reasons for this progress. First, telecom service providers understand that they must provide competitive services to offset the decline in the number of fixed line subscribers. Secondly, consumers put forward higher requirements for interactive and personalized TV services. Third, the technology needed to make IPTV a reality has matured.

Now IPTV has become a reality, and the industry's argument has changed from "this will never work" to "how long can I get it?"? "However, few people have mentioned the different ways to build IPTV platform architecture and the resources to operate and maintain these architectures. It's time for the industry to address the total cost of ownership (TCO) of operating and maintaining IPTV services, while fully understanding the different IPTV options available and the TCO associated with each option.

IPTV service model

In today's market, there are basically two kinds of IPTV services. The first is the heterogeneous approach, in which multiple vendors provide different components of solutions, usually one or more system integrators provide services that bind these heterogeneous solutions to a single service delivery solution. In this approach, operations management is usually layered on top of the service delivery system afterwards. The second is a homogenous approach, where a single

solution provider designs, builds, tests, validates, and supports IPTV service delivery and operations management solutions.

It is believed that both methods can provide IPTV users with similar service experience. However, the TCO associated with each service delivery method is quite different. There are several factors affecting the total cost of ownership of

IPTV delivery platform, including:

To provide consumers with the content acquisition cost of the best TV programs; OPEX for developing, continuously delivering and maintaining the service delivery infrastructure; and capex for service delivery hardware, software and network infrastructure.

Content acquisition

Content acquisition costs vary based on the revenue opportunities that service providers can offer content providers. Typically, content costs are based on the number of subscribers. However, the expanded service offering opportunities

offered by IPTV may change this. For example, if IPTV services offer subscribers the opportunity to choose alternate camera feeds from sporting events, content providers who own those feeds may charge a higher fee for content.

There may be some changes in the pricing of content delivered through IPTV. However, service providers may pass on these additional content fees in the form of higher subscription fees, so the net impact of any content cost change on TCO

can be ignored. Therefore, as far as this article is concerned, content cost is not a key part of TCO calculation.

Hidden beneath the surface, and often covered by license costs, are the setup and operational costs of content delivery. A digital stream or file is irrelevant unless it is associated with enough metadata to describe it.

For example, suppose a service provider pays a specific fee to authorize the use of a channel. Program information (such as start time, end time, and program description) is the more obvious element in the metadata that must be managed.

Associating a digital stream generated by an encoder with a multicast address, assigning a network identifier to transmit the stream over the network, and connecting a license key that allows subscribers to access the channel are metadata elements that must also be managed. In general, a digital file and all the metadata needed to deliver this channel are called services. There are costs associated with maintenance and operational services.

Operating expenses

Some operational costs will be start-up costs, such as those associated with initial deployment and integration of IPTV infrastructure with existing business support systems (BSS) and operational support systems (OSS). Other operating

expenses are ongoing, including the cost of day-to-day monitoring and management of infrastructure.

In addition, OPEX will be the result of a decision to change or develop a service delivery network. These fees are project related, but when upgrading or developing a service delivery network, a pre-determined decision about how the service provider will deliver IPTV services can lead to higher operating costs and more complex projects. These downstream costs must be included in the TCO equation.

More Than Half a Million Apps Available after using Superbox s1 pro and superbox s1 plus

More Than Half a Million Apps Available after using Superbox s1 pro and superbox s1 plus

One of the coolest things about the SuperBox S1 is the fact that it is so flexible and so extensible.

Because it runs one of the latest versions of Android you’re going to have access to more than half a million mobile applications that you can install in just a few clicks – turning this into a media playing powerhouse, a portable computer, and a digital gaming system (and so much more)!

After using Superbox s1 pro and superbox s1 plus IPTV BOX,More Than Half a Million Apps Available.

The fact that you can run and use this box with a dedicated mobile app remote control system that works on your favorite phone is another game changer, but again you’ll have the opportunity to download other applications, cast your music and your media from your phone to your streaming box, and so much more – all while having access to the full Android application marketplace.

Ready to Go Right Out of the Box

One of the biggest advantages (maybe THE biggest advantage) of this particular system is that it is set up and ready to go just as soon you take it out of the box and plug it in.

The initial setup process should take about 10 minutes from start to finish and before you know it you’ll be watching your favorite shows, your favorite movies, your favorite teams, or special premium events from around the world – without having to spend a mountain of money on expensive cable or satellite bills ever again.

On top of that, this system has been designed to self update automatically as necessary so that it is always current, always ready to rock and roll, and always providing you with the best features available at any point in time.

It really doesn’t get much better than this.

SuperBox S1 Plus  Android tv Box, Better Than S1 PRO 4GB RAM 32GB ROM Bonus Upgraded Backlit Keyboard Remote

SuperBox S1 Plus Android tv Box, Better Than S1 PRO 4GB RAM 32GB ROM Bonus Upgraded Backlit Keyboard Remote

SuperBox S1 Plus-Limited Edition Android tv Box for Norther America with Free VOD and Live Without Annual Charge- 4GB RAM 32GB ROM Dual Band 2.4GHz/5GHz Bluetooth Quad Core.

Warranty: 2Year;Service Time: 1 Time payment free forever
[Ultra HD 6K ] FULL HD 4k compatible, 4GB+32GB faster than S1 PRO
Shipment: 48h ship out, after ship out, then 3-5days delivery by DHL (or FEDEX UPS TNT USPS)
Tech Support: 24h online services, Update, add, maintain, etc. technical support ([email protected]).
Android 7.0 Nougat OS Processor, Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 Processor

Hardware Specification: 
Superbox S1 PLUS The TOP1 TV Box For North America 
Main Features:
OS: Android 7.0 Nougat
Processor: Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 
Memory: 4GB DDR3 
Internal Stroage: 32GB eMMC 
HDMI Resolution: Ultra HD 6K
High Definition video output: 6K (6144x3160 pixel )
2 Warranty 
PeriodPackage size:192*120*73mm
Package weight:0.65kg 
Package includes: 
1 x IPTV Box
1 x Remote Controller
1 x Power Adapter
1 x HDMI Cable
1 x User Manual
Watch series online - best free websites in 2020

Watch series online - best free websites in 2020

TV series production is really one of the most fruitful and developing nowadays. Undoubtedly, it provides a vast number of TV series to any kind and taste, so any person can find a show, or even several ones, he wants to watch most of all. Currently “Game of Thrones” series is in highest demand imaginable, almost everyone wants to grab the latest episodes and watch them as fast as possible, to stay updated, find out all new facts and guesses and avoid spoilers. Consequently, the question “where can I watch…” has become extremely acute.

Yahoo view

It’s really a great website with hundreds of popular TV shows and TV series, divided into categories, genres, ratings and other useful sorting opportunities. Cartoon lovers will certainly enjoy a cool collection of the most popular cartoon series, such as the Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy and others.


If you are looking for a website with the latest episodes released, MovieFlix is a good choice. Even though it requires a login, it is really worth it: the quality of the videos is really great and the player is simple and convenient, you can even find subtitles there.


Movie.Netflix24 is a nice site, where you can watch and download a lot of famous television series as well as latest films online. There is a wide range of TV series, starting with comedy and drama, finishing with thriller and fantasy.


This website also has a lot of extremely popular and new series, shows and films. It provides both streaming and watching videos online, without registration. However, be ready to close a lot of popup windows in order to watch an episode you want.


It is a great website indeed, with many hot series, films and shows in HD. This website has almost no annoying popups, so you can enjoy watching or streaming your favorite TV series, such as “The Game of Thrones”, “Stranger things”, “Vikings” and others.


GoMovies is one of the most reliable and good-quality websites of its kind. It features the most popular TV series of absolutely different genres from various countries, for example Australia, USA, Japan and many others. Thus, if you are an anime or cartoon lover - it’s the best choice for you.


Vumoo is also a great solution, if you don’t want to go through numerous account creations and popups. At the same time, it has a fantastic library of TV shows and series, so you will definitely find something you’ve been searching for.

Enjoy your favorite and long-awaited TV series and shows in good quality! 

If you want to watch interviews with actors from your favorite series, or maybe you want to watch trailers, bloopers, fun facts and many other interesting videos, you can always visit YouTube or Vimeo. However, if you need these videos to be stored on your computer, you can always use and buy the superbox with ease.



SuperBOX S1Pro 6k is the latest version that the SuperBOX offers and is claimed to be the most advanced streaming box in the market. The two SuperBOX TV box were almost the same, it’s just that SuperBOX S1Pro 6k offers High Definition Resolution of 6144×3160 megapixels at 60 frames per second. You can also control your tv using your cellphone because S1Pro has this specific feature which you can have a mobile remote control. Compared to S1, it offers UK channels, in any case that you love watching it and has a bigger storage and higher network to offer. Not to mention that both has massive movie channels from all over the world.


All you have to do is pay for a one-time payment of $299, without hidden charges and monthly fees. Once bought, no subscription fees are needed to have a lifetime access to BLUEVoD, which is for movies and TV series, and BlueTV, which is for TV channels and sports. What can you ask more? Enjoying blazing fast crystal-clear HD content with no buffering or freezing in the comfort of your home is the best deal that you’ll be fond of.

Another thing that you need is that, you are going to need a persistent Internet connection. Internet connection is one of the most crucial factors that makes this device able to deliver the best performance. It can be kept connected via hard Ethernet wiring or through wi-fi.


Upon purchasing this product, the package includes one HDMI cable that you’ll connect to your TV to gain access to your applications, games, movies, sports, and television shows. It’s possible to watch just about anything on SuperBOX S1 Pro 6k, as well as listen to music and browse the Internet. Well, this box will really save a lot of time for you. No other applications are needed, and no VPN required, you just have to download the pre-installed BlueVOD and BlueTV then you can watch almost every channel you need. Big advantage for people who doesn’t want to waste too much time to study.