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Reviews of Superbox s2 pro

Here's some customer give a reviews about superbox s2 pro:

Digital David

SUPERBOX S2 PRO 6K Android TV Dual Band Wi-Fi, wow that is pretty cool to get full android on a TV! You do get more out of the Superbox like a full web browser, free live TV built in,the ability to root it and get more features!

Rohas Streaming Tech

How would you like a lifetime supply of 1000 live streaming TV channels with video on demand, or for the price of one month or satellite.

Kevin Porteous

Review of the S2 Pro which features 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, micro SD card slot(expandable to 128GB), AV out, Ethernet 10/100 port, IR port, and optical port.

XC techs

Just released the brand new SuperBox S2 Pro with the full guide and 7-day playback. It brings up lifetime livetv, it’s definitely a plug and play device for people who aren’t a tech savvy.

Mr. Curiosity

THIS BOX HAS IT ALL! You got everything it’s the new SuperBox S2 Pro, There’re some things they did on this one that’s completely different. We’ve been asking them for certain things and they did it!

TV Box Stop

The new SuperBox S2 Pro features a totally new design, utilizing the latest hardware, with a new interface and the same quality of service.

Couch Potato Cafe


The SuperBox S2PRO is a fully loaded android box with live TV and entertainment on demand. In this video, I’ll be taking a detailed look at it, giving it a full an honest review, positive and negative.

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